Ciência e Natura

The Ciência e Natura Journal was created in 1979 to meet the needs of researchers from the different areas of the Exact and Natural Sciences Center (CCNE), to publish their work, to disclose them and to maintain interchange with other publications.

Articles Received from June 2020 will be published in 2021.

It is a divulgation media for works related to the Exact and Natural Sciences, which attends majorly the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Statistic, Chemistry, Geosciences, Geography, Biology and Meteorology, as well as Education regarding these areas and the interdisciplinarity between them.

Ciencia e Natura is a receptive journal to works from the UFSM and from other Institutions once they contribute to the increase on its excellence and to the effectiveness of its informative value.

Vol 43 (2021)

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