About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Ciência e Natura is a continuous publication journal that aims to publish works from graduates, postgraduates and PhDs of National and International Higher Education Institutions. Contributing to the exchange of publications on Exact and Natural Sciences, especially on Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Geosciences, Geography, Biology, Meteorology as well as Education regarding these areas and the interdisciplinarity between them.

Journal History

The Ciência e Natura Journal was created in 1979 to meet the needs of researchers from the different areas of the Exact and Natural Sciences Center (CCNE), to publish their work, to disclose them and to maintain interchange with other publications. Due to the Center’s heterogeneity, the intention of the journal is not be specialized in a specific area, but to attend the areas of Physics, Mathematics, Statistic, Chemistry, Geosciences, Geography, Biology and Meteorology, as well as Education regarding these areas and the interdisciplinarity between them.


e-ISSN: 2179-460X

Publication Fees

The Ciência e Natura Journal does not charge fees for submission or publication of manuscripts.

Open Access Policy

The Ciência e Natura Journal offers free and immediate access to its contents following the principle that free availability of scientific knowledge to the public proposes better world democratization of knowledge.

Peer Review Process

The works submitted are first evaluated by section editors, that determine if the work is adequate to the scope of the journal and to the section that it has been submitted. The manuscripts selected in this first step, will be evaluated by the double blind peer review, that is, two ad hoc partners from different institutions of the authorship will evaluate the article.  It will be considered approved works recommended by two partners. In case of conflict between reviers, the article will be sent to a third partner.


      ProQuest - PM-Id: 245929


      REDIB (before e-Revistas)



      Portal de Periódicos Eletrônicos da UFSM


      Sumários.org – Código 1010

      Indiana University's online library Catalog - IUCAT (Southeast, Bloomington, East, Northwest, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Columbus)

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Classification of Journals Quadrennium 2013-2016

Updated in 12/09/2018



Public and Business Administration, Accounting Sciences and Tourism


Ambiental Sciences


Urban and Regional Planning/ Demography



Veterinary Medicine

Agricultural Sciences I


Engineering I


Public Health

Information about o vol. 45

Works submitted on August 1st or later will be evaluated for publishing in the 45th volume.