Magno Márcio Azevedo, Edson Luiz Kraemer, Tiago Bandeira Castro


The teaching subjects in the area of Exact Sciences has always been a problem in Basic Education. The contents of Mathematics and Physics have always reflected individually, low levels of learning, often with below average results, especially in high school. This influences the choice of graduating high school students for courses for the Exact Sciences in Higher Education. Although part of the same area, the application of knowledge from Mathematics to Physics teaching, still poses a problem for students and teachers. Thus, research and develop new tools to improve student learning and to make lessons more attractive these disciplines is a challenge. This study proposes the use of the computer program Maxima by having a visual demonstration of the theories involving the contents of Mathematics and Physics in the 1st grade of high school, providing thus improve utilization rates through an interdisciplinary mode. The use of the program in this study tends to make the lessons more attractive Mathematics and Physics, and classrooms become real laboratories where, in an interdisciplinary way, teachers and students can see the materialization of the theory involving the two disciplines as a effective tool in improving the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Physics.


Matemática e Física; Ensino; Metodologias

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