Estudo geológico-geotécnico de talude natural, para estabelecimento de torres de transmissão de energia

Edgardo Ramos Medeiros, Luís Eduardo Robaina, Silvana Fernandes Neto


The stability of two electrical energy transmission towers is discussed in this work. They are located in the south side of "Cerro da Terência" between the towns of Faxinal do Soturno and Dona Francisca.
The local geology is represented by a red sedimentary rocks with a texture-range from silt to clay and impermeability. Overloaded it is also observed a coluvionar material with blocs of volcanic rocks together presenting outstanding permeability.
The towers casts are settled over coluvionar material, leading to possible instabilities, as a consequence of the high permeability and breakup and further slinding of the colluvio-rocks contact.


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