Riscos Geológico-Geomorfológicos: Revisão Conceitual


  • Bernadete Weber Reckziegel Pós-Graduação em Geografia - CCNE/UFSM
  • Luis Eduardo de Souza Robaina Departamento de Geociências - CCNE/UFSM




The study of natural hazardous developed by geological-geomorphologicprocesses are realized using analyses of the socials and environmentals parametersand their connections. The increase of the frequency and intensity of the naturalhazards mobilized National and International Institutions mainly after 1989. The 1990' was declared the International Decade to Natural Hazard Reduction. Thestudy of risk involves many kinds of knowledge that resulted in several forms ofthe uses for terms and concepts. This article aims to systematize that knowledge tomake clear the usage and meaning of terms and concepts applied to classifygeological-geomorphological risk areas.


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Reckziegel, B. W., & Robaina, L. E. de S. (2005). Riscos Geológico-Geomorfológicos: Revisão Conceitual. Ciência E Natura, 27(2), 65–83. https://doi.org/10.5902/2179460X9679

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