Nara Luisa Reis de Andrade, Luciana Sanches, Renata Gonçalves Aguiar, João Gilberto de Souza Ribeiro, Osvaldo Borges Pinto Junior


The Amazon is a recognized global ecosystem, due to its high biodiversity and the magnitude of the mass and energy exchanges performed. In this study it sought to analyze the seasonal and interannual variations of microclimate in a site of tropical forest in southwestern Amazon. For this purpose, net radiation data were used, air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed collected in a micrometeorological tower belonging to the LBA, located in Jaru Biological Reserve, from 2004 to 2010. The results showed that existence of well-defined seasonal patterns was verified, with variations between wet, wet-dry, dry, dry-humid periods for all variables in question. Yet, through analysis of the interannual variations were observed warming of the increment signs and decreased moisture in the locality. This observation, although patchy, deserves special attention, since changes in the microclimate in the Amazon region may have yet unknown consequences.


Amazon rainforest. Solar radiation. Temperature. Humidity. Anthropogenic changes.


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