Ana Carolina Batista Mafra, Alessandro Carioca de Araújo, Leonardo Deane de Abreu Sá, Rosa Maria Nascimento dos Santos, Ivonne Trebs, Mathias Sörgel


We studied the Nocturnal Boundary Layer - CLN on area of primary tropical forest northeast of Amazonas State in Amazon Tall Tower Observatory - ATTO. We applied the method of Sun et al. (2012) to characterization three regimes dinamic stability in CLN: 1) a weak turbulence, with low average wind speed; 2) strong turbulence, with high avarage wind speed and 3) turbulent intermittency and nonstationarity conditions. There are seasonal variations in the values of "c" and from one regime to another. We investigated some of the main statistical characteristics of CO2 concentrations - "c" for each one the turbulent regimes. "c" slightly increases with the increase of the value of a characteristic turbulence velocity scale, VTKE until a threshold value, VL, from which a sudden increase in the values of "c" is observed.This find is important consequences for parametrization of meteorological variables in the NBL and modelling of the atmospheric flod in the interface forest-atmosferic.


Floresta Amazônica 1. Camada Limite Noturna 2. Regimes Turbulentos 3. Concentração de CO2 4. ATTO 5.


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