Characterization of seasonal variation of atmospheric CO2 in the iLPF system in eastern Amazonia


  • Bárbara Cristina Santos de Oliveira Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia, AM
  • Alessandro Carioca de Araújo Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
  • Carlos Alberto Dias Pinto Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
  • Cleo Marcelo de Araújo Souza Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
  • Alailson Venceslau Santiago Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
  • Ivanildo Alves Trindade Embrapa Amazônia Oriental



Mahogany, Teak, Vertical profile


In the face of the human impacts caused mainly after Industrial Revolution, such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and intensive soil preparation, there has been an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG). Among the forms of GHG mitigation, there are those carried out through agriculture, such as the adequate management of the soil and the removal of CO2 by plants through the consortium systems. Studies indicate that a viable alternative is the crop-livestock integration (CLI), which is composed of tree and forage species. Measurement of the atmospheric CO2 concentration ([CO2]) in CLI may indicate responses that will serve as a basis for monitoring this ecosystem in the Amazon region. Measures of the vertical profile of [CO2] were obtained in intensive campaigns during the periods less rainy of 2016, more and less rainy of 2017, in the municipality of Terra Alta, PA. There was greater amplitude in the [CO2] measured in the less rainy period of 2017 and higher daytime concentrations in relation to the other periods. Seasonality is a factor that influences [CO2] in the CLI. The [CO2] only begins to rise and accumulate below the canopy from 20:00 hours, when the atmosphere is more stable.


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Author Biographies

Bárbara Cristina Santos de Oliveira, Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia, AM

Possui graduação em Agronomia pela Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia - UFRA (2017).

Alessandro Carioca de Araújo, Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Pesquisador A da Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Carlos Alberto Dias Pinto, Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Bolsista DTI/CNPq da Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Cleo Marcelo de Araújo Souza, Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Analista da Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Alailson Venceslau Santiago, Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Pesquisador da Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Ivanildo Alves Trindade, Embrapa Amazônia Oriental

Assistente da Embrapa Amazônia Oriental


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Oliveira, B. C. S. de, Araújo, A. C. de, Pinto, C. A. D., Souza, C. M. de A., Santiago, A. V., & Trindade, I. A. (2018). Characterization of seasonal variation of atmospheric CO2 in the iLPF system in eastern Amazonia. Ciência E Natura, 40, 181–186.

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