Luminous sequencial controlled by Bluetooth

Amanda Wohlfahrt Reis, Odair José Iaronk, Celso Becker Tischer


The use of microcontrollers has been growing in the last years, in the development of electronic systems, due to their small dimensions and ability to control process. The application of microcontrollers is significant in several sectors, such as: industrial, domestic, entertainment, telecommunication, automotive, transport and aviation. Arduino is an electronic platform low-cost, open source, prototyping designed whit a built-in microcontroller based on easy-to-use hardware and software that can be programed to configure the inputs and outputs between the external components connected to the platform. Therefore, aiming the transformation of entertainment into a form of learning, this work presents the development of a luminous sequential programmed in C language. The system is composed by 25 LED’s strategically distributed for the visualization of the preprogrammed sequences. In the project the MEGA 2560 arduino was used and a Bluetooth module for wireless communication between the microcontroller and multifunction devices like smartphone’s, an application develop in MIT APP INVENTOR controls the systems, giving the user the ability to choose the routine besides the speed and luminous intensity of the set.


Arduino; Bluetooth; LED


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