Preliminary analysis of the relationship between soil and CO2 emissions from the ecosystem in an agroecosystem in southern Brazil

Gustavo Pujol Veeck, Claudio Teichrieb, Marcelo Diaz, Tiago Bremm, Maria Eduarda Oliveira, Débora Roberti, Telmo J. Amado, Jackson Ernani Fiorin, Rafael Pivotto Bortolotto


The aim of this work is to perform an analysis of the CO2 relationship between nocturnal fluxes of soil and ecosystem, in na agroecossystem as atmospheric variables (soil temperature, solidity, and singleness), under the soya tillage system in southern Brazil. To calculate the fluxes, automatic soil chamber system and the EddyCovariance system were used. The preliminary analysis showed that soil moisture controls the emission of CO2 and the CO2 cumulative flux of the soil is greater than the atmosferic flow.


Soil respiration. EddyCovariance. Soil chamber


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