Comparison between two footprint function models applied to the experimental site of Pedras Altas

Tiago Bremm, Ivan Mauricio Cely Toro, Gustavo Pujol Veeck, Débora Regina Roberti, Lidiane Buligon


Micrometeorological towers are installed in several regions in order to collect atmospheric data at high frequency for the estimation of micrometeorological parameters and surface flows of energy and mass. The determination of the towers field of view and, therefore, the flow measured at the sensors is defined by the footprint, which is directly influenced by the geometry of the terrain and by the vegetation of the site on which the sensor is installed. In this way, the present work aims to analyze the predominant area of the flow contribution by two different methods of footprint determination: one analytical model and one lagrangian stochastic. The data were analyzed for the micrometeorological station of Pedras Altas, located in the south western region of Rio Grande do Sul. The results show that the stochastic model considers the tower field of view closer than the analytical model, consequently it covers a smaller area.


Footprint; Micrometeorology; Superficial flux


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