Characteristics of the turbulent wake of a wind turbine model

Adrián Roberto Wittwer, Rodrigo Dorado, Acir Loredo-Souza, Arthur Bones, Bruno Capeller, André Contini, Bardo Bodmann, Gervásio Annes Degrazia


An experimental study of the turbulent wake of a wind turbine model was realized at the “Joaquim Blessmann” wind tunnel of the UFRGS. The turbine model was developed at the Universidade de Caxias do Sul and it represents a three blade turbine characterized by a NACA 4412 aerodynamic profile. Measurements of the velocity fluctuations were realized by hot wire anemometry. Complexity of the turbulent flow is evaluated by mean and fluctuating velocity profiles. The influence of the incident flow turbulence and the flow reconstructing process are analyzed by the measurement results.


Eolic turbines; Wind tunnel; Turbulence


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