Simple and Robust Regressions in Flows Regionalization of q95 in Taquari-antas River Basin

Mauricio Dambros Melati, Francisco Fernando Noronha Marcuzzo


Multiple use of water during the process of economic development, along with population growth, have impacted the qualitative and quantitative aspects of water thus flows regionalization jobs are widely used to obtain quantitative data in places where there is no records with historical streamflow series. This study aimed to obtain regionalization equations of the reference flow Q95% regression testing different programs and tools. To develop this study performed a series of previous studies, such as the water regime of the basin, consistency localization data, regional flow indicators. Finally identified the regions that showed deficit gauged stations and recommended the installation of new stations. In addition to testing with the spreadsheet manager office package and MATLAB, applied Q95 flow of regression simulations for stations clusters using the explanatory variables drainage area and mean annual precipitation (together and apart) for one two homogeneous regions tested. Was obtained regionalization equations with one and two explanatory variables (drainage area and mean annual precipitation) for Q95% flow using one two homogeneous regions. Finally it was found that the use of explanatory variable annual average rainfall did not show satisfactory results.


Sub-basin 86. Multiple regression. Permission to use the water.

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