Marângela Andrade Martinatto, Cinthya Maria Schneider Meneghetti, Fabíola Aiub Sperotto


This work suggests activities to introduce and develop content for Solid Geometry, particularly prisms and pyramids with High School students, prioritizing the visualization of solids in space, identifying the differences in the shape and characteristics of its elements, without requiring memorization formulas. Also emphasizes the importance of recapitulation of concepts of Plane Geometry. With the passing of years, students have encountered difficulties in mathematics in Middle school and this has a direct consequence on learning of these students in contents related to the High School. To check the veracity of this statement, a survey was conducted through a questionnaire with teachers working with Solid Geometry in seven High Schools in southern State of Rio Grande do Sul. Suggested activities that introduce and complement the contents found in traditional textbooks. Teachers, even with limited resources may use these activities with their students to improve the learning of Solid Geometry in High School.


Geometria; Prismas; Pirâmides.

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