Variação Anual dos Fluxos de Energia numa Cultura de Arroz


  • Alcimoni Nelci Comim
  • Geovane Webler
  • Débora Regina Roberti
  • Osvaldo Moraes



This work is quantified and analyzed the variation of annualflows of energy in relation to net radiation in a culture of rice in Paraísodo Sul. The calculation of the flow of energy was done by the method ofcovariance turbulent vortices. The average annual flow of latent heat,sensible heat and soil were respectively 70.24 W/m2, 14 W/m2, 1.4 W/m2.The annual average net radiation was 97.04 W/m2 while the balance ofenergy was 85.64 W/m2. In this period the variation of energy in thelamina water was not measured. Thus it is possible that the differencebetween net radiation and energy balance is associated with energy storedin the water layer


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Comim, A. N., Webler, G., Roberti, D. R., & Moraes, O. (2009). Variação Anual dos Fluxos de Energia numa Cultura de Arroz. Ciência E Natura, 129–132.

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