An analysis of the seasonality of surface energy and carbon fluxes in an ecosystem of native fields inserted in the Pampa biome


  • Ricardo Acosta Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Debora Regina Roberti Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Gisele Cristina Dotto Rubert Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Marcelo Bortoluzzi Diaz Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Iván Cely Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Osvaldo Moraes Centro Nacional de Monitoramento e Alertas de Desastres Naturais



Energy fluxes, CO2 fluxes, Pampa biome


In this study, the eddy-covariance technique was used to estimate the surface fluxes of carbon (CO2) and energy, in the latent (LE) and sensible (H) forms, over a native field ecosystem (pasture). The results show that the ecosystem in question presents a predominant seasonality in its ecological functioning, especially regarding the observations of the LE and CO2 fluxes, with carbon assimilation and evapotranspiration with maximum values during the summer. During the winter season observations point to a lower metabolic state of the ecosystem, with almost zero carbon assimilation (even a carbon source signal inversion) and the evapotranspiration rate falling to 60% of its value in the highest state metabolic activity.


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Acosta, R., Roberti, D. R., Rubert, G. C. D., Diaz, M. B., Cely, I., & Moraes, O. (2018). An analysis of the seasonality of surface energy and carbon fluxes in an ecosystem of native fields inserted in the Pampa biome. Ciência E Natura, 40, 132–137.

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