New approach for the estimation of soil heat flux for the Pampa Biome


  • Leugim Corteze Romio Universidade Federal do Pampa - Campus Itaqui-RS
  • Tamíres Zimmer Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Débora Regina Roberti Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Lidiane Buligon Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS



Soil Heat Flux, Pampa Biome, Surface Energy Balance


The study of the thermal properties of the soil and the variables dependent on these properties is very important for the understanding of the surface energy balance. Among the main variables, there is the soil heat flux, especially because it allows the verification of the influences that occur in the biome of a region as temperature variation occurs. This work intend to estimate the coefficient of thermal conductivity and, thus, to obtain the values for the soil heat flux. The data used to estimate the parameters were obtained from an experimental site located in the city of Pedras Altas-RS. Two equations were used, the first one defined by the Fourier Heat Conduction Law (discretized) and the second one a modification of the first one including a k coefficient, named “modeling error”. Based on the results obtained it can be verified that the modified equation presented better results, when compared with the classical solution.


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Romio, L. C., Zimmer, T., Roberti, D. R., & Buligon, L. (2018). New approach for the estimation of soil heat flux for the Pampa Biome. Ciência E Natura, 40, 76–81.

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