Transepithelial potential difference of the intestine and gallbladder of Hoplias malabaricus, a freshwater teleost. effect of urotensins I and II

Maria Amália Pavanato, Bernardo Baldisserotto, Roni João Rakoski, Olga Martins Mimura


This study analyzed the effect of the injection of urotensin I (UI) and urotensis II (UII) on the stabilization of the transepithelial potential difference (TPD) of the medium intestine, rectum, and gallbladder of Hoplias malabaricus to investigate if the transport of ions in these organs is affected "in vivo" by these neurohormones. The TPD of the medium intestine, rectum and gallbladder was serosa positive, and remained constant since the first measurement. The injection of both urotensins did not alter the stabilization of the TPD of the medium intestine and rectum when compared with saline-injected group. The injection of UI increased the TPD of the gallbladder in the beginning (0-10 min) of the stabilization period and in the interval of 20-30 min of the stabilization period when fishes were killed 2h and 4h after the injection, respectively, in relation to saline-injected group. The UII injection increased the TPD of the gallbladder only in the beginning (time 0) of the stabilization period in relation to saline when fishes were killed 2h after the injection. No changes in the TPD of the studied organs were detected when fishes were killed 4h after the injection of UII. This study confirms the hypothesis that UI and UII can participate in the regulation of the composition of the bile of fishes, since the injection of both hormones altered the TPD of the gallbladder of H. malabaricus.


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