Avaliação do Modelo Brams na Formação de Nevoeiro de Radiação com Forte Resfriamento Noturno. Parte ii: Impacto de Diferentes Parâmetros e Parametrizações

Everson Dal Piva, Vagner Anabor


Experiments are used to evaluate different parameter andparameterization performances to reproduce a radiation fog that is precededby a strong nocturnal cooling rate. The couple Mellor-Yamadaparameterization and the ration of strength of diffusion coefficients betweenscalars and velocity equal one provide the better results. The maximum coolingrate obtained was -5,7oC/11h, being higher than the observed -8,8oC/11h.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5902/2179460X9985

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