Análise dos Parâmetros de Fluxo de Calor Superficial Utilizados pelo Modelo WASP no Levantamento do Perfil Vertical do Vento no Litoral Norte do Estado do Ceará

Cícero Fernandes Almeida Vieira, Emerson Mariano da Silva, Francisco Sales Ávila Cavalcante, Gustavo Rodrigues Silva


WAsP™ (Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program) is adiagnosis numerical model for high resolution wind power estimation fromwind measurements with neutral conditions. In this study we analyze thesurface heat flux parameters used by WAsP to evaluate wind speed profilein two sites situated in the North coast in the State of Ceara, Northwest ofBrazil. We concluded that, for the analyzed time series and for the regionwe studied, the surface heat parameters extracted from those data sugestthat the atmosphere of the region is of the neutral conditions. In addition,the model was able to predict the wind vertical profile for that region.


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