Nilce Fátima Scheffer


This paper aims to present the result from a research conducted with studentsand teachers from Elementary and High School about the “Valuationof argumentation in mathematics classes, from the interpretation of functiongraphs on the TI-83 Graphing Calculator and on the software Winplot “.This paper presents theoretical reflections about the Language and its formsof Representation, the production of argumentation regarding interpretativesituations of mathematics besides Computing Technologies and MathematicsEducation. The study took place in three moments, on Scientific Initiationwhere one has revealed the occurrence of argumentative expressions inthe language of the students, on the Extension when was developed computingworkshops with students and teachers of High School, moment wheninformation were collected from records of the sessions, and in the thirdmoment that was with the Course Conclusion Work. With that the studywas completed, focusing basically on the analysis of argumentation presentin narratives and verbal, nonverbal and written languages of math teachersof High School. This text was produced and presented in a lecture developed at the Second Winter School of Mathematics Education which took place atthe Federal University of Santa Maria - RS UFSM in 2010.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5902/2179460X9352


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