Simple estimation of surface roughness parameters from single level sonic anemometer data


  • Paolo Martano Institute ISIAtA of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - CNR, via Monteroni, 73100, Lecce.



The estimation of joint values of both the roughness length z0 and the displacement height d is considered in the context of the MoninObukhov similarity law for the windspeed profile. When focused on single level data sets from one sonic anemometer (i.e. wind velocity, Reynolds stress and sensible heat flux data sets at one height), it is shown that this problem can be reduced to a simpler least squares procedure for one variable only. This procedure is carried out over a proper function of the data, representing the relative uncertainty of the roughness length, σz0/z0. This is minimized with respect to d, giving a direct estimate of d, z0, and their statistical uncertainty. The scheme is tested against a field-experiment data set.


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