Fanzine – Architecture and revolution




Architecture, Revolution, Neoclassic, Construtivism


Based on the methodology applied in the discipline of Theory and History of Architecture and Urbanism IV, based on part of its programmatic content that approached the organization of the built environment resulting from the Industrial Revolution until the First World War, a fanzine was developed as an evaluative exercise of the subject to expose the knowledge produced. Under the title "Architecture and Revolution", the fanzine depicts the relationship between historical moments and architecture, specifically on the French and Russian Revolutions and the Neoclassical and Constructivist architectural styles. The material produced seeks through its graphic and visual organization to reflect on the occurrences and social changes of each period and its reflection in the architectural environment, employing on its pages the contrast of the characteristics of each movement. As a reference for the development of the graphic content, political posters of the 20th century were used, which present an expressive and innovative visual language in relation to the materials from which they were produced up to that time, mainly the Russian posters, which used to be based on French pamphlets and have their own language, used as a means of political persuasion.


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