The fiftieth anniversary of physics at UFSM: a gender analysis of graduates

Rogemar André Riffel, Lucio Strazzabosco Dorneles


The Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM - Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) has trained more than 600 undergraduate and 200 Ph.D. students, becoming a reference in physics training at the Rio Grande do Sul central region. In this work we present a gender analysis of the UFSM graduated students from both levels. The number of graduated students of the female gender has been rising with time and is significatively bigger than the number observed nationally in both levels. The mean values are 35 %, 37 %, 28 %, 42 % e 39 % for the courses physics teaching (daytime), physics teaching (nightime), physics, master and doctorate, respectively. We also observe an increase in the participation of female students in graduate courses, when comparing to undergraduate courses, unlike what is observed in the national average numbers. Considering only the last 5 years the number of graduated students reaches 50 % in the physics teaching (daytime) and master courses. Although this study is of a local nature, it reinforces the need for the dissemination of data regarding the gender of graduates by all universities, allowing to conduct general gender studies.


Physics; Graduates; Physics; Gender

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