Variability of CO2 flow in the soil in two experimental plans of the ESECAFLOR Project / Caxiuaná - PA

Jamilly Leite Dias, Antônio Carlos Lola Costa, André Bezerra Oliveira


The present work was carried out in the National Forest of Caxiuanã, located in the municipality of Melgaço / PA, at the experimental site of the Forest Drought Study Project (ESECAFLOR), which has been developed since 2000 at the Ferreira Penna Scientific Station. The experiment consists of the artificially created creation of a drought period in the tropical rainforest, aiming to evaluate the impacts of drought on the water and CO2 flows in this ecosystem. The physical structure of ESECAFLOR consists of two plots of one hectare. The data used refer to the period from August 2009 to December 2011. The main objective was to study the monthly variability of soil carbon flux in the two experimental plots of the project with different soil water contents. The results indicated significant variability between the flows observed in the two treatments, and in both plots, the highest values were always observed in the places with the highest amount of organic material.


Flow of Carbon; Soil moisture; Amazon


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