Produção de corpos cerâmicos a partir de argila aditivada com polpa de papel reciclado e com embalagem aluminizada moída

Maria Claudia Nunes Kraemer, Ayrton Figueiredo Martins


We investigated the possible use of recycled paper pulp (old newspapers) and aluminized packaging (Iong life milk) as additives to red clay in the prodution of solid ceramic bricks. Besides the technological aspect, there is an environmental interest to find alternative uses of discarded material which is part of the usual community waste.

The paper's pulp was obtained by simple defibriment of old newspapers in water, while the aluminized packaging, having a plastic layer and a layer of stable aluminum, underwent first a size reduction and then a grinding in a micro-grinder.

The clay for semiwet process (with 5% to 10% of humidity) was supplied by the brickworks near the UFSM campus. The process of mass mixture was totally manual with different proportions of clay/pulp of paper and clay/grounded aluminized packing used.

The ceramic test specimens were also manually molded (metalic mold with dimensions of 30 X 40 X 60 mm), resulting a very homogeneous compact mass. Then they were submitted to pre-drying, drying and burning processes, according the NBR 7170 and NBR 8041 specifications.

The samples demonstrated good porousity, homogenity and conformation. They were then submitted to density and compression resistance tests.

The results obtained allow us to conclude that the addition to clay of recycled paper pulp and ground aluminized packaging, in small proportions, doesn't result in any reduction of mechanical resistance in the ceramic specimens and it can be advantageous with respect to thermal and acoustic isolation.


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