Carlos Augusto Morales, Wando Celso Amorim


This study presents two procedures to integrate three weather radars in the State of São Paulo that can be extended to any other radar network. The methology consists of a radar calibration procedure followed by the integratio. The radar calibration is based on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Precipitation Radar (PR) coincident measurements. In this procedure, it was found that both Salesópolis and Presidente Prudent weather radars were over-estimating the radar refletivity fator (Z) by +6.0 and +4.4 dBZ respectively, while Bauru radar was under-estimating by -4.3 dBZ. Upon the calibration, the 3 weather radars were integrated by employing the constant altitude plan position indicator (CAPPIs) and the iluminated volume projected in a 3D space. In the CAPPI procedure, only the distance from the radar was used to weight the measurements, while for the volumetric methodology we employed the contribution of the ilumilated volume fraction that intercepted the integrated volume. Based on these two approaches it was found that the CAPPI integration presented under estimation for Z < 29 dBZ and super-estimation above, while the Volumetric method understimate almost constant at 0,5 dBZ.


Meteorologic radar.


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