Cássia Regina dos Santos Takahashi



This work proposes a learning situation Mathematics, contemplating the theme "barcode", composed of five activities, we discussed the guidelines for the teaching concepts and mathematical procedures and use of technologies and analyze the obstacles that can arise during their development. We justify this proposal based on the guiding curriculum documents, claiming the teaching of mathematics can contribute to the formation of a national autonomous and critical, by developing methodologies that emphasize the development of strategies for solving real problems, evidence and justification the results, valuing creativity, interest, ability to abstract the context of widespread, collective work and autonomy arising from the confidence in one's ability to face challenges. For this purpose, we present an initial design of the teaching of mathematics related to these goals. Then we present a brief history of bar codes: appearance, purpose, evolution, importance and expansion in the current globalized world automated. Finally, we propose a learning situation and review possible strategies for implementation of activities. We understand that such a situation can provide a learning environment investigative and creative in the classroom , enhancing the connection between mathematical concepts involved in the subject of the application in a real situation , and provide greater student participation in lessons and this discipline develop critical thinking and innovative, improving teacher / student interaction within an environment of mutual learning.


ensino de matemática, situação de aprendizagem, código de barras

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5902/2179460X14614

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