Joelson Dayvison Veloso Hermes


This work has as a main theme the Pick’s Theorem. This theorem refers to the calculation of area of polygons with vertices at points of a flat network, such a calculation can be summarized in a simple relation between the number of points of a network, located in the interior of a polygon and the number of points of the border of the polygon that belongs to the network. Research, before, presenting your demonstration, align the central ideas of your demonstration, so that there are sufficient arguments to support it. We propose to establish a relation between this method and the well known theorem of Euler, besides presenting an arithmetical application for this theorem. The attention given to this theorem is well deserved due to its apparent simplicity and for the fact that it can awaken the interest of some students for the subject.


Teorema de Pick, cálculo de áreas, rede de pontos

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