Talent Management on Human Resource Management: An emergent theme?

Bárbara Beatriz Freitag, Celi Hiromi Ohtsuki, Marcos Aurelio de Araujo Ferreira, André Luiz Fischer, Kenneth Nunes Tavares de Almeida


The competitive strategy of organizations and the knowledge era, demand higher innovation capacity, agility and flexibility. This demands have make the work more complex, and in need of qualified workers. In this scene, the human capital of organizations is presented by the quality of its talents. The objective in this study was to analyze the production on Talent Management and to verify the attributes applied to identify the talents at the field of Human Resource Management. It was possible to conclude for the rise of academic production on Talent Management and for the description of competence, performance, and potential as the main attributes on Talent characteristics description.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5902/198346598417

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