Preliminary study about the capacity for innovation management practices and the role of human resources internal consulting

Luciana Campos Lima, André Luiz Fischer


The proposal of the present study is to verify if companies that  adopted the model of human resources internal consulting innovated more in their management practices than those who keep a traditional practice. It was included the development of a conceptual model to guide the methodology. The exploratory research used secondary data belonging to a universe of 541 national and multinational companies of different sizes, and 139 000 interviwed  in a longitudinal study between the years 2007 to 2011. The sample is not probabilistic and typically consisted of 26 companies, and the study's findings suggest that, the ARH that adopt the internal consulting practices had 64 in 2007 and 128 in 2011, while the traditional left of 59 practices in 2007 to 127 in 2011. Realize that 7% of companies that adopt the model of internal consulting lack a steady increase of practices over the years. Already 14% of ARH that adopted the traditional model did not obtain a progressive practices. It was also observed that the ARH innovated with little internal consulting (128 practices) in terms of increased practical than traditional (127 practices). However, this result can not be considered statistically significant. Despite the limitations of this study, one of its contributions is regarded to a possible agenda of research.


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