Diagnosis of the use of competitive intelligence entrepreneurial in small business the clothing industry of the city of Vila Velha – ES

Anderson Soncini Pelissari, Inayara Valéria Defreitas Pedroso Gonzalez, Rosângela Maria Vanalle, Marison Luiz Soares



The organizations, whose structures, processes and technologies are not aligned with the businesses, they will have difficulties in surviving. In order to maintain, management strategists have relied on practices such as Competitive Intelligence (CI) - which is based on the information and the speed of its use to better align business strategies, facilitating the process of decision making. That said, the aim with this research, analyzing the practice of competitive intelligence for small businesses in the City of Vila Velha/ES, and the importance of applicability of Competitive Intelligence Entrepreneurship - assuming that, the IC contributes to the alignment of environmental information the strategies of organizations. For data collection, we used the survey (survey), which was applied a questionnaire with closed questions to a non-probabilistic intentional sample applied directly by the researcher by e-mail and fax. The survey results indicated that, although the administrators surveyed show interest in structuring your information with the objective to make quick decisions and assertive, they do not develop a global process of Competitive Intelligence Entrepreneurship, since no systematic way to manage market information.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5902/198346593761

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