Lourenço Augusto Camargo Granato, Paula Fernanda Prado Pereira


The objective of this analysis is to verify the influence that the evolution of the economic and social changes had on the consumer behaviour since long time past, crossing several stages, until the arrival in the actual scenery. This discussion will happen through the analysis of the different consumption stages, here presented in chronologic order. The principal focus in each stage is the consumer and the changes that happened in his behaviour in due course. It can verify that during this transitions, he had been getting more and more decision power over his choices and, from this on, more power on the organizations strategic decisions, which are in a constant inquiry for their consumers satisfaction. From this scenery and, in the way that happen the market transactions, we are taked through the following discussion: "Still Exist Loyal Consumers?" or in the middle of a large brands diversity, products and services with access nowadays, they have behaviours purchase more unstable, and not loyal with regard to the brands. Are these consumers influenced with a reality from a consuming world where they live nowadays?


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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