Assessing banking services for the segment of high income clients from São Paulo

Maria Aparecida Gouvêa, Ana Carolina Raduan Masano, Daielly Melina Nassif Mantovani


This study presents an evaluation of expectations and perceptions of individual bank clients with high income in the municipality of São Paulo. A quantitative survey with 190 interviewees was carried through drawing on attributes of bank services as well as models and scales provided by the relevant literature. The scales of quality and satisfaction were analyzed in terms of reliability and validity. The scale recommended by the SERVPERF model proved to be the most appropriate to the results collected from high-income banking clients. Additionally, it was found that, in general, clients’ expectations are high and there are some attributes with great gaps, considering its perceptions and expectations. These results can provide relevant directions to the banks that intend to improve the quality of their services.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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