Antimicrobial activity and cellulose acetate membrane characterization with tangerine peel extract (Citrus reticulata) for bio packing

Rachel F Magnago Magnago RFM, Karine Modolon Zepon, Igor Fagundes Valezan, Thais Andressa Walber, Morgana Souza, Jasper Zanco, Heloisa Regina Turatti Silva, Paola Egert, Edivandro Girotto, Deise Consoni, Simone Perroni Mazon, Anna Paula Piovezan, Alessandra Yula Tutida, Luiz Alberto Kanis


Biopacking material was obtained by incorporating tangerine peel extract (Citrus reticulata) in cellulose acetate (CA) film. The acetate film with tangerine extract was shown to have a homogeneous material characteristic by FTIR and DSC analysis, being reinforced in MEV and MFA, and showed absence of pores in the film with extract. These characteristics justify the reduced water absorption and release of the CA membrane extract. Low water absorption is important for the film to act as a barrier with external environment and the release of the extract was sufficient to prevent the growth of the strains investigated on the sample surface. The introduction of the extract also reduced the tensile strength and deformation of the film. This study showed the good potential of biomass for active bio packing that can gradually replace non-renewable packaging and take advantage of agricultural waste.


Biopacking; tangerine peel; citrus reticulata; active packaging; antimicrobial activity

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.