Structural characteristics and biotechnological applications of frutalin: lectin extracted from Artocarpus incisa

Bianca Régia Silva, Franscisco Léo Nascimento de Aguiar, José Roberto Viana Silva


Frutalin is a lectin extracted from the seeds of Artocarpus incisa, which belongs to the Moreacae family. This family consists of approximately 75 genera and 1,550 tropical species that commonly found in pan-tropical regions. Frutalin has attracted the attention of researchers due to its ability to recognize carbohydrates in cell membranes with modifications in the glycosylation pattern. Therefore, frutalin presents a striking potential to be used as biomarker of cancer cells. Despite having a great biotechnological potential, research involving this lectin is still limited. Thus, the aim of this review is to discuss the structural and functional characteristics of frutalin, properties, the mechanisms of action, as well as the biotechnological applications of this lectin.


Artocarpus incisa; Frutalin; Toxicity

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