Particle acelerators and detectors, an introduction to experimental physics df elementary particles


  • Cláudio Graça Departamento de Física, Centro de Ciências Naturais e Exatas - CCNE Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - UFSM, Santa Maria, RS.



The history of particle acelerators is one of the classical examples of the spetacular advances in modern science. From the very modest machines of Lawrence and Cockroft-Walton vast laboratories have grown and many of the most important scientific discoveries in the last decades have been made using huge particle accelerators. Two distinct lines of progress have been followed, one started by J. Cookroft and E.T.S. Walton resulted in Iinear accelerators. The other school led by later E.O. Lawrence who developed the ciclotron resulted in magnetic confinement machines, whose modern version is the sincrotron with particle storage ring and collider. The devices described, (accelerators and detectors) in this work are dated but the principles they illustrate are still being applied in the most modern machines despite the use
of modern technologies like superconductor magnets.


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