An introduction to the quantum theory of many particles applied to solid state physics


  • José Antônio Trindade Borges da Costa Departamento de Física, Centro de Ciências Naturais e Exatas - CCNE Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - UFSM, Santa Maria, RS.



Some fundamental concepts and mathematical tools of the quant um theory of many particle systems, which are indispensable to the study of solid state physics. are presented. The concepts of collective excitations and quasi-particles are stressed. Concerning the mathematical tools, Quantum Mechanics is presented in its general, representation independent formalism. The many-particle problem is approached in the occupation number representation, or second quantization. Finally, as an application the interaction between electrons and the vibrations of a crystal lattice, described in terms of elementary excitations of collective waves, i.e., phonons, is expressed and discussed within this framework.


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