Essay About Isotopic Ecology (δ13c and δ15n) of Fish Farming Species: Possible Consequences for Human Consumption

Rodrigo de Jesus Silva, Bernardo Berenchtein, Mauricio Lamano Ferreira, Luiz Antonio Martinelli


This study aims to assess changes of the isotopic signal - δ13C and δ15N - of muscle tissue among fish species of natural and breeding environments as a way to understand the relationship between habitat, diet and trophic composition of these watersports animals. Thus, we used four different species of fishes, being the peacock bass and tuna from different natural environments and the salmon and tilapia of breeding environments or fattening farms. From this, excepting the species of tuna the values of δ13C of Tilapia was significantly larger than others - peacock bass, salmon and tambaqui - while for the values of δ15N the species of Tilapia were significantly the lowest of all. Furthermore, the hatchery species of Tilapia and Salmon considerably had the lower variability. These results together suggest a significant difference in isotopic signal between species of hatchery and natural environments, reflecting different diets and composition of food chains according to the source environment of species.



diet fish, isotopic signal, source environments


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