Manipueira (cassava wastewater) Increases root Development and Productivity of Cassava

Antonio Souza Silva, Nahara Gabriela Piñeyro, Jônatam Moreira Rodrigues, Edmar Souza Silva, Glaucia Almeida Morais


Manipueira is an organic wastewater of the cassava industry. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of Manipueira and fertilizer in the initial development of cassava. The cuttings were immersed in: water (negative control); Manipueira and fertilizer (positive control). After the experiment, the data were submitted to ANOVA. The use of Manipueira provided larger number and root length, also was noted the increased weight gain of the aerial part of the plant. It was concluded that Manipueira increases root development in the variety of starch – white, especially in length, functioning as a bio- stimulator of cassava plants.


Agro-industrial residues; recycling; root-inducing; stimulator


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