Automatic Classification of Turdus Rufiventris Song Notes By Spectrographic Image Template Matching


  • Nilson Evilásio Souza Filho UFSM/Eng Acústica
  • Beatriz Cerimeli Oliveira Eng Ambiental - UEM
  • Maria Luisa da Silva Lab. Bioacústica - UFPA
  • Jacques Vielliard IB-Dep Zoologia-Unicamp; (IN MEMORIAN)



Biacoustic, Rufous-bellied Thrush, spectrogram, template-matching, classification.


This paper presents a method for automatic classification of birdsong notes. The elaborate method performs correlation calculationsapplied to spectrographic images to determine the similarity between the notes of a vocal repertoire, so the method was called SITM (Spectrographic Image Template Matching). The notes Nj of each phrase Pi which makes up the song of an individual of aspecie, are generally classified with letters of the alphabet according to the sequence emitted that is viewed in a spectrogram.By setting a minimum degree of similarity between the notes of the repertoire of each individual, it is possible to automate thistype of visual classification. Performance evaluation of automatic classification was performed with the vocal repertoire of threeindividuals of T. ruviventris recorded in to the wild. With 96% confidence, according to statistical inference, the rate of correctclassification via SITM was 77% to 97% of the notes in recording FNJV5915, 64% to 82% of the notes in recording FNJV5932and 74% to 97% of notes in recording FNJV5955.


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Author Biography

Nilson Evilásio Souza Filho, UFSM/Eng Acústica

N.E. Souza Filho is professor of Electroacoustic; Recording Techniques; Music for Acoustical Engineering and; Sound Production in Acoustic Engineering course at Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil. Hehas worked with musical recording since 1993 and received his Master of Multimedia Arts (Unicamp),Licentiate of Physics (UEM), and Doctor of Physics (UEM) in 2005, 2000 and 2012, respectively. Madethe firsts digitized of the 1/4" tapes roll to a 5.25" cartridge magneto optical media of ASN using the classicanalog tape recorder Nagra and a Sony MO Drive. His doctoral theses dealt with theoretical models ofphotoacoustic and applications of photoacoustic techniques in biological systems. Currently working withDigital Holographic Interferometry; Photothermal Phenomena and application of PhotoacousticTechniques in materials for electroacoustics devices.



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Souza Filho, N. E., Oliveira, B. C., Silva, M. L. da, & Vielliard, J. (2014). Automatic Classification of Turdus Rufiventris Song Notes By Spectrographic Image Template Matching. Ciência E Natura, 36(2), 646–654.

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