Demonstration of the strategy formation process: a case study in a innovative organization


  • Daniel Teodoro Gomes FACE - UFMG
  • Reynaldo Maia Muniz FACE - UFMG
  • Alexandre Teixeira Dias PMDA - FUMEC
  • Carlos Alberto Gonçalves CEPEAD - UFMG & PMDA - FUMEC



This paper presents a study of strategy formation process with the following starting question: "How the strategy is shaped in an innovative company and how the factors manifesting in the process?". The research builds on a case study of a company considered innovative leader in its industry and a pioneer in providing various services in the area of mobile phone in Brazil. Data collection was through interviews semi-structured with directors and managers involved in strategy formation, supplemented by documents and direct observation. Data analysis is based on the techniques of discourse analysis, from the persuasion strategies suggested by Linhares and Faria (1993). The company's strategy studied can be defined as an entrepreneurial vision, focused on growth supported by a process of diversification of product lines from a new direction composed of three elements: (i) componentization; (ii) segmentation by products chain and; (iii) external to finance leverage in order to resumption of innovative projects. It was concluded that the company's strategy focused on these three factors, supported by a deliberate vision of the future, conditions its historical trajectory type standard cultural, its core values, which acts as a motivator and guide for members of the organization decisions and actions.


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Author Biographies

Daniel Teodoro Gomes, FACE - UFMG

Reynaldo Maia Muniz, FACE - UFMG

Alexandre Teixeira Dias, PMDA - FUMEC

Carlos Alberto Gonçalves, CEPEAD - UFMG & PMDA - FUMEC



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Gomes, D. T., Muniz, R. M., Dias, A. T., & Gonçalves, C. A. (2012). Demonstration of the strategy formation process: a case study in a innovative organization. Revista De Administração Da UFSM, 5(3), 413–438.




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