Sustainability, organizations and training of managers: an exploratory research on business administration courses in Rio Grande do Sul

Lisiane Celia Palma, Eugênio Ávila Pedrozo, Nilo Barcelos Alves


Sustainability has imposed challenges to organizations. It increasingly requires organizations to consider in their strategies issues that go beyond the strictly economic focus. That way, in order that organizations can move towards sustainability-oriented strategies, they should go through a process of change. In this process, Business Administration Schools play a fundamental role, since many managers who lead organizations today, or will do it soon, are influenced and learn to acquire, in these schools, a particular vision in relation to human beings, organizations and their relationship with nature. Therefore, this article aims to identify whether Bachelor’s degree courses in Business Administration in Rio Grande do Sul (RS), have proposed the inclusion of sustainability into their programs. The results demonstrated that the courses already have subjects related to the topic in their curricula, however sustainability does not seems to be a central issue in the courses.


sustainability; business administration courses; organizations; sustainable strategies


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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