Consumer behavior: there is reward the socially and environmentally responsible companies?

Sergio Silva Braga Junior, Dirceu da Silva, Natalia Silva Aquino


In recent years, companies have incorporated into their daily and strategic planning, elements of social and environmental management aiming to adapt to new consumer trends that began to value such initiatives in their evaluation of products and to align to the new legal obligations associated with environmental issues. In this sense, the objective of this study was to verify, through a scale developed, validated and applied by Garcia et al. (2008) if there is a consumer behavior that rewards socially and environmentally correct companies. However, in the study by Garcia et al. (2008) the sample was used undergraduates and, in the present study, a sample of people working in the financial market is considered its perception as an individual and as a society, namely, the individual is being used had two responses to a corresponding their behavior and the other as he observes the behavior of society. As a result, it was observed that for a reward, the perception of the respondents diverge when it comes to the behavior of their behavior to the behavior of society.


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