Analysis categories of a productive system: a study based on management approaches

Mayara Teodoro de Oliveira, Fabiano Goldacker, Felipe Melillo Fontan, Cleiciele Albuquerque Augusto, Rolf Hermann Erdmann


This investigation’s purpose was to present and sustain a set of analysis categories applicable to a productive system, based on management approaches. To reach this objective, a bibliographic qualitative research was applied, looking for the representation of the categories identified over the management literature. Starting by the studies of Hanson and Voss (1995), there were identified thirteen categories, which analyses is necessary when considering a production system: production control, operational performance, new products development, technology and equipment, factory, environmental management, investment, organization and culture, production planning, production programming, quality, health and safety and time cycle. The results show that categories like quality, environmental management and health and safety were less studied by the traditional management approaches, however they were frequently analyzed by the emerging tendencies. The influence of the Classical Approach over the other categories theoretical foundation was also evident. Finally, it was verified that the thirteen proposed categories are representative to a production system analysis, based on management approaches.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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