The performance of export consortia Brazilian regarding cooperation, the acquisition of innovations and export performance

Aletéia de Moura Carpes, Flavia Luciane Scherer, Thiago Antonio Beuron, Maríndia Brachak dos Santos, Diego Echevengua Borges, Bruno de Moura Carvalho


This study aims to analyze the performance of export consortia as Brazilian cooperation, facilitation to acquire innovation and export performance of the members through research consortia with different companies and sectors of the economy. Making use of survey research and analysis by descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation, highlights that firms seek to conform to international standards of technology, however, was the individual effort of the company responsible for the biggest innovations acquired while the export performance of much below the desired level. Joint activities should be further explored, emphasizing actions aimed at long-term, reflecting on the success of international models of export consortia.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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