Factors influencing the usage and selection of a project management software: employing Liberatore and Pollack-Johnson’s framework in a public Brazilian software development company

Gabriela da Silva Radaieski, Marcos Feier Fróes, Denise Lindstrom Bandeira


Liberatore and Pollack-Johnson (2003) made a survey to analyze and assess factors that influence the extent of usage, type of usage, and selection of project management (PM) software by professionals in the field. This study aims to verify whether the results found by the authors apply to the reality of a Brazilian software development public company. Liberatore and Pollack-Johnson’s questionnaire was translated and applied to a group of project managers. In addition, we conducted semi structured interviews and observations to gather data used in the analyses. Differences were found when comparing the survey results to those of Liberatore and Pollack-Johnson (2003). The main finding of this research relates to the identification of a specific need that had not been mentioned in the Liberatore and Pollack-Johnson’s research: "usage for control only".

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5902/198346595873

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