Blog: strategic tool for organizational communication

Mônica Mota Tassigny, Marcus Vinicius de Oliveira Brasil, Maria Clara Bugarim, Fábio Luiz Benício Maia Nogueira


This study aimed to discuss the general importance of the blogs as a tool for internal and external organizational communication, highlighting as a new mode of communication that can help the information management and build a competitive corporate image, motivating the workforce customer loyalty. It is a case study, qualitative in nature, a literature review, a documentary and a field research. The documentary research was done in a site related to GoogleDocs tool. In the field research was used content analysis. As a result, it is observed that companies are implementing organizational communication processes more participative and strategic. From this perspective, it was concluded that blogs are tools with organizational power of instant two-way communication, able to ensure an interaction of information between the organization and its stakeholders, being a strategy to strengthen the image of the organization to the clients, functioning as a collaborative tool of information management.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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