Services satisfaction: an analysis of the Banco do Brasil customers’ perceptions

João Renato da Silva Gomes, Vitor Francisco Schuch Jr, Jordana Marques Kneipp, Luciana Aparecida Barbieri da Rosa, Roberto Schoproni Bichueti


The financial market has been seeking recognition in their area of ​​expertise through transactions resulting from the availability of computing platforms and telecommunications. In this sense, we tried to understand the behavior and preferences of customers regarding self-services, internet and phone banking of the Banco do Brasil in Santa Maria, RS. The collection of survey data was developed by applying a questionnaire, using descriptive statistics to analyze the data in order to obtain the socioeconomic profile of clients and the use of available technologies, observing the perception and customer satisfaction for products and services. Firstly, a literature search was conducted, in which several sources were analyzed to construct the theoretical framework. In the second step, we carried out a survey research with questionnaires to customers of the Banco do Brasil in high traffic areas in the city of Santa Maria, RS. The sample was characterized as non-probabilistic and convenience. Through analysis of results, we found that the level of customer satisfaction in relation to the most valued items is high, especially the preference of customers for the self-service.


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Revista de Administração da UFSM. Brazilian Journal of Management

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