Measurement of environmental awareness of consumers: proposal and validation of scale

Victor Henrique Medronha da Silva, Elvis Silveira-Martins, Iliane Müller Otto


The identification of environmental awareness of consumers is a source of interest for researchers, due to the association of this theme with other theoretical constructs, often done in a predictive way; of organizational decision-makers, due to the potential of marketing environmentally sound products; and society at large, because of concern for future generations. In this sense, the need to propose and validate a scale that helps to identify consumer's environmental awareness emerges, which is the purpose of this article. In the development of the research, the survey technique was used to collect data with a sample of 128 respondents, using the exploratory factorial analysis for the data treatment. The analysis of the data identified four factors, which can be termed reuse, recycling, organic and biodegradable, allowing to conclude that constantly thinking about the reuse of waste, buy products and packaging made from recycled material or that can be recyclable, buy organic products and buy biodegradable cleaning products make up the dimensions of consumer's environmental awareness.


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